Going to Shut Down Temporarily

tippinarina aOwner posted Jun 30, 13
Ok guys. Bad news. I can no longer support the server and am out of money to pay for it. I will save all of the data so that I can bring it back up in the future but until then I will be shutting it down. I really hate doing this because a, i know how sad it is when a server shuts down, b, I know how sad it is when you lose a community because a server shuts down and c, I don't want to XD but I don't have the money or time right now to keep it up. If there is anything you would like to suggest or say, I'm not going to just ditch and unfriend all of you or whatever, I just cannot keep this server up right now. 

I WILL save the files so that I can restart the server later on, maybe once I have had enough time to build a very good spawn and better facilities. 
devonpautz Is your sever still down?
Datatrex When do you think you'll come back?
coopyo wtf wtf wtf